The White Stripes

Sort of sad news this morning about the White Stripes announcing that they won’t record any more songs or perform live.

They’ve always been a particular favourite of mine.

Meg was so low profile in recent years that the announcement is no surprise.

It’s always good to quit before the creative juices run dry, but Jack’s creative juices are well and truly flowing.

And if any genre of music can hold its own year after year, its the White Stripes stripped down blend of blues, rock and gospel and more.

Still, thanks for some great, wild, primeval music.

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Is marathon running the most civilised sport on the planet?

So with the Ashes safely in the bag (what was I ever worrried about?) my sporting attention turns to marathon running.

Why?  It might have something to do with researching my new marathon website.

Or it could be something to do with doing a bit of running to get rid of the Christmas excesses.

But it’s occurred to me that the marathon is a uniquely civilised sporting event.

No cheap shots

In an age when sporting crowds routinely goad, mock, abuse and fight their opposite numbers, marathon supporters stand out a mile.

They support everyone.

And not only that, most marathon runners are extraordinarily supportive of their fellow runners.

There’s no diving, sledging, bad mouthing, testicle grabbing (Vinny), cheap shots, sharp elbows or anything remotely underhand (except perhaps at the sharp end of the field).

For most marathon competitors just being there is an achievement and finishing in a decent time is the icing on the cake.

Even golf can’t match this degree of bonhomie.

Is marathon running the most civilised sport on the planet?

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