Self-promotion for the reticent scribbler

For authors, the days of the self-effacing, reclusive life are a thing of the past. And it looks like the internet – that perennial bete noire – is to blame.

Publishers, bookshops, literary agents and – let’s not forget – readers have so many books to choose from. Any author relying purely on the quality of his work to gain attention is, apparently, doomed to failure, lashed away by a casual flick of the fiction market’s ever-growing long tail.

Conventional wisdom now dictates that all authors must build themselves a profile to have any chance of success.

This website is my attempt to do this.

So, what’s in it for you?

I’ve decided to build a really good set of resources for people who love great quality fiction.

Whether you’re a reader or a writer, I’m ┬ácurating a collection of links and notes which I hope add to your enjoyment of captivating┬ástories told by wonderful writers.

And what’s in it for me?

I’m looking forward to having a reason to absorb the wisdom of writers and other industry professionals who have something interesting to say.

And – who knows? – along the way, you might start to take an interest in my own work, too, helping me build that all-important “profile”.

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